Geography 2 year cycle
Years 1/2
Cycle A Ongoing: daily weather patterns
and immediate environment
Autumn Food Glorious Food
Study a variety of foods from
producer to plate.
Journeys and Transport
Over land sea and sky, compass
and directional knowledge
Summer Frozen Planet
Arctic and Antarctic regions,
continents and oceans
Cycle B Ongoing: daily weather patterns
and immediate environment
Autumn Travels with Barnaby Bear
UK localities
Maps plans symbols
The Rainforest
Physical features and place
Summer The Seaside
Physical and human features
Years 3/4
Features of the World Map
(Lines of latitude, longitude
time zones, day and night)
Climate and environmental regions
Local field work (land use and building
Years 5/6
Name and locate the key topographical
features including coast, features of
erosion, hills, mountains and rivers.
Understand how these features have
changed over time.
On a world map locate the main
countries in Africa, Asia and
Australasia/Oceania. Identify their main
environmental regions, key physical and
human characteristics, and major cities
Locate and name the main counties and
cities in England. Compare 2 different
regions in UK rural/urban.
Atlas, globe and countries of the world
(human and physical characteristics,
major cities)
Locate the main countries in Europe
and North or South America. Locate
and name principal cities.
Maps (compass points, grid references,
Linking with History, compare land use
maps of UK from past with the present,
mapping change over time.
Local field work (physical geography of
Compare a region in the U.K with a
region in North or South America.