Problem-sloution Essay

Problem-sloution Essay ( final draft )
Excessive number of student in classes at Public schools in Jeddah
Public schools in Jeddah often encounter the problem of excessive number of students
in each class. Sometimes, the number of students per class is forty. This makes it difficult for
teachers to explain the lessons and provide a suitable learning environment for students
which this will hedge the learning process more complex. For the sake of reducing the
number of students per class, it is necessary to find appropriate solutions to get the rid of
problem. Therefore, providing a sufficient number of classes in each school must be a part of
development plans for schools, which can reduce the number of students per class.
There are two benefits to this solution. First of all, it will hedge the number of
individual interactions between both the student and the teacher, which can lead to improved
student learning. Therefore, most students will become more efficient in accomplishing their
assignments. Elizabeth Garue, the primary researcher in the project " To Ensure the
Educational Achievement of Students," says that the positive foundation classes for learning
caused students to later in life to be more likely to talk advanced classes and attend college.
The second benefit which is most importantly that the small class which contains a small
number of students will have fewer behavioral issues, so this affects positively the
educational and social relation for the student.
Some people may object to this solution on the ground that it is impossible because
the total area of the school does not accommodate the construction of new classrooms to
reduce the number of students per class. However, it is possible to buy lands around the
school to work on the expansion and thus provide more classrooms or build new schools to
accommodate sufficient number of classrooms to permit the accumulation of a large number
of students in it.
Another objection could be that this would be a burden on teachers due to increased
classrooms, so they would work in school for more hours each week more than before.
However, this would work to recruit sufficient number of teachers and distribution of classes
by the capacity for each teacher. In fact, this would open up the field of employment and
contribute to reduce the unemployment rate in the community.
In conclusion, the problem of excessive number of students in each class can be
effectively solved if the school administration will provide sufficient number of classrooms
and reduces the number of students in it. In addition, this would provide a good learning
environment for both the student and the teacher and help to improve the level of education at
the present time.