Chapter 30-32 - WWII - Test Review

Chapter 30, 31, 32 Test Review
Chapter 30 – Revolution & Nationalism
1. Know the importance of the following nationalist leaders; (pg. 890)
a. Mohandas Gandhi
b. Ibn Saud
c. Mustafa Kemal
d. Reza Shah Pahlavi
2. Know the importance of the following Asian leaders;
a. Jiang Jieshi
b. Mao Zedong
c. Sun Yixian
3. What was Stalin’s 5 year plan?
4. What was Stalin’s most famous quote regarding death?
5. Describe what happened on Bloody Sunday
6. What was the difference between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks?
7. What does it mean to be a Marxist?
Chapter 31 – Years of Crisis
1. In 1939 what did Germany and Russia do in order to keep peace
2. In what ways did Hitler violate the Treaty of Versailles?
3. List the Axis powers
4. Who came up with their own nickname, Il Duce?
5. What was Hitler’s book titled, which he wrote in prison?
6. What type of art did Pablo Picasso create?
7. What did Sigmund Freud study in order to figure out people’s behavior?
8. Why were socialist governments more successful during depression than democracy?
9. Describe Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
10. define existentialism
11. Why was the American depression so hurtful to the world economy?
12. define inflation
13. Why did the US levy tariffs?
14. Why was the Weimar Republic blamed for all of Germany’s problems?
15. Describe the teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche
Chapter 32 - WWII
1. Describe 3 causes of WWII
2. define anti-Semitism
3. Define the Lend-Lease and Cash-Carry policies
4. What mistakes did the Germans make in their conquest to take over the Soviets?
5. What happened during the Nuremburg Trials?
6. What role did the Atomic Bomb play in WWII?
7. Describe how General MacArthur won the battle for the Pacific
8. Describe the happenings of Operation Overlord
10. Why did Hitler have to send Rommel to help Italy?
11. Describe the battle of Stalingrad
12. Why did the U.S. finally enter the war?
13. How did WWII begin?
14. What happened on ‘Kristallnacht’
15. Define Appeasement
***In addition to this, be able to identify the following battles on a map;
Leyte Gulf
Okinawa & Iwo Jima
Hiroshima & Nagasaki
battle of Stalingrad
Operation Soft-underbelly
Battle of the Bulge
(pgs. 923 & 933)