Worksheet 5

Worksheet 5
Biology BI103
Worksheets MUST be hand written and will not be accepted as a typed document.
Explain the difference
between annuals,
biennials, and
What is indeterminate
growth? Why is this an
important trait for
plants to have, and
how is it different than
animal growth?
What is a meristem
and how is it similar to
stem cells?
Compare primary and
secondary growth.
Where is the apical
meristem located and
what is their function?
Describe in detail
secondary growth.
Make sure to include
and underline the
following terms:
 Lateral
 Vascular
 Early wood late
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Draw a picture of the
inside of a tree and
describe each part and
give one fact about
each part.
Describe the alteration
of generations during
the life cycle of a plant.
What is the difference
between a sporophyte
and a gametophyte?
How have angiosperms
evolved to increase the
likelihood of
fertilization compared
to mosses and ferns?
Explain the function of
all of the terms labeled
in figure 36.6 of the
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Explain the life cycle of
the angiosperm in your
own words.
What is double
Explain the
relationship between
plants and their
pollinators. How does
this drive coevolution
between the two?
What does the mature
embryo (seed) of the
plant contain? Why
are each of these
structures important
to the seed?
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What are fruit and how
to they help facilitate
seed dispersal?
Why is dormancy
important in a seed?
How does a seed come
out of dormancy?
What is auxin and what
are some of its roles in
the plant?
What is apical
dominance and how
can you use this to
make a plant bushier?
What are some of the
roles of other
hormones in the plant?
What is
photoperiodism and
hoe does it regulate
flowering in some
What are some ways
that plants defend
themselves against
1pt Extra Credit
***Understanding of ALL of the underlined terms in this document is needed to succeed in this class. To
further study these terms do one of the following:
Draw pictures with the terms
Make flash cards of all terms
Make a concept map of all terms (if you don’t know what this is look it up on Wikipedia)
Write out definitions of all terms
Or come up with your own way of studying these terms. Just make sure to ok it with me to make sure
you’ll get your extra credit.
You will get one point of extra credit for this part of the worksheet.
This must be turned in attached to this study guide at the time the study guide is due!!!!
What’s working
well and what’s a
suggestion to help
things work better?
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