Plants Flashcards

Plants Flashcards
1. What three parts do plants need to stay alive?
2. Draw and label the parts of a plant. Briefly describe the function of each part.
3. Epidermis
4. Stomata
5. What is transpiration?
6. Chlorophyll
7. How does photosynthesis differ from respiration?
8. What 3 things are needed for photosynthesis to occur in plants?
9. Where does photosynthesis take place?
10. Germination
11. What are the 3 main parts of the seed and what are the functions of each part?
12. Which part of the seed begins to grow first?
13. Describe what you would do to a seed to ensure that it would grow into a healthy
14. Pollination
15. Fertilization
16. What are the parts of a flower? What are the functions of each part?
17. How are seeds dispersed?
18. What is the life cycle of a flowering plant?
19. Spores
20. Write a paragraph (4-6 sentences) about how a seed and a spore are both alike and