Chapter 14 Review Problems

Chapter 14 Review Problems
_____ 1.
In a closed container when the rate of condensation equals the rate of
evaporation for a liquid, this special situation is called:
a) physical pressures
c) physical equilibrium
b) equal states
d) none of the above
_____ 2.
If you increase the pressure above a liquid, its boiling point will:
a) decrease
c) remain the same
b) increase
d) depends on the identity of
the liquid
_____ 3.
The escape of vapor molecules with sufficiently high energy from the
surface of a liquid is called.
a) condensation
c) boiling
b) evaporation
d) sublimation
_____ 4.
Which of the following statements is INCORRECT?
a) the boiling point is the temperature at which that vapor pressure of the
liquid equals the atmospheric pressure
b) once a substance has begun to boil the temperature of the liquid will
remain constant
c) evaporation is the same thing as boiling
d) if the pressure is changed a substance can be made to boil at a different
temperature than its normal boiling point
Identify the physical states present at each portion of the heating curve for water
and label the melting and boiling temperatures on the graph.
6. How much energy is required to take 50g of ice at –15oC and heat it to 25oC?
(The molar heat of fusion for water is 6.02 kJ/mol, and sice= 2.1 J/goC)