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Social Studies 8
8.01.01- Quiz
Multiple Choice: Please choose the best response for each question.
1) The Great Awakening was…
a. an armed rebellion carried out by English Colonists who were upset with taxes.
b. a religious movement that occurred in the English Colonies during the 1730-1740’s.
c. the day when a man woke up from a thirty-year coma.
d. the period of time when the English Colonists realized that they didn’t need slaves
2) The difference between “Old Lights” and “New Lights” is…
a. Old Lights supported the Great Awakening and New Lights did not.
b. New Lights supported the Great Awakening and Old Lights did not.
c. Old Lights were fire hazards and New Lights used less energy.
d. Old Lights were less brighter than the New Lights.
3) Each of the following preachers supported the Great Awakening except…
a. Charles Chauncy
b. Jonathan Edwards
c. Gilbert Tennet
d. George Whitefield
4) The Great Awakening was popular among Women and African Americans, because…
a. they got to sit next to the White men at the revival.
b. the revivals had free refreshments.
c. the preachers promised them equality and eternal life once they entered heaven.
d. the preachers would give them a paying job if they came to the meeting.
5) The most important legacy of the Great Awakening…
a. was that it taught the colonists to stand up and challenge the traditional beliefs of both
the church and the English government.
Vocabulary Section
Please match the term with the letter of the correct definition.
Example: 1. Hope = A
1. Revival
2. Enthusiasm
3. Segregate
4. Reaffirm
5. Unite
a. promise again, do again, copy.
b. Bring back to life. In context these church meetings were held to bring the colonists religious
spirits back to life.
c. To bring together for a common purpose.
d. To separate by race.
e. Excitement, eager, can’t wait.