Overview Essay: The Great Awakening

Overview Essay: The Great Awakening
Directions: Answer the following questions based on your
reading assignment.
1. What changed society in 1740?
2. What was the Great Awakening?
3. What caused a lack of spiritual growth in the English
4. Name two influential ministers in the New England colonies?
5. What was the meaning of Licentiousness according to
Jonathan Edwards?
6. What was George Whitefield known for?
7. How did George Whitefield and Reverend James Davenport
change religious practices?
8. Describe the intense revival meetings.
9. Explain Charles Chauncy criticism of these revivals.
10. How did the Great Awakening affect ministers who were
thought of as being cold or non-emotional?
11. How did the Baptist, Presbyterian, and Methodist churches
respond to the Great Awakening?
12. Compare and Contrast the “Old Lights” and the “New Lights”.
13. List some colleges that formed out of the birth of the Great
14. How did the Great Awakening change the political structure of
the colonies?
15. How did the Great Awakening affect religious freedom in the