Court Cases

Court Cases
Virginia v. Black
1st Amendment
limits on Freedom of Expression
“Fighting Words” Doctrine
what limits
Brandenburg Test
research past arguments of Virginia and Black
Brandenburg v. Ohio
R.A.V. vs. St. Paul
Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire 1942
Texas v. Johnson
Edwards v. South Carolina
Miller v. California
Stromberg v California
KKK and other hate groups
Slippery Slope (other unintended consequences of decision)
Virginia- find evidence that supports the idea that a state can limit freedom of speech
Black- Find examples of protected unpopular speech
Elks Grove Independent School District v. Newdown
1st Amendment
Captive Audience
Establishment Clause
Stone v. Graham 1980
Separation between Church and State
Lee v. Weisman
Free Exercise Clause
Where does the Gov’t and Religion mix
What is Prayer?
Van Orden v Texas
Lemon v. Kurzman 1971
10 commandments
Engel v. Vitale 1962
Is this a state or national issue
Abington School District v. Schemmp
Central Bucks SD policy
West Virginia v. Barnett
Sante Fe Independent S.D. v. Doe
The Lemon Test
Lynch v Donnelly
Slippery Slope (other unintended consequences of decision)
Safford Unified School District v Redding
4th Amendment
Qualified Immunity
4th Amendment Cases
TLO v. New Jersey
Research arguments
What is the “Bright line”
School law regarding prescription drugs
Williams v. Ellington
Cornfield v. Consol. High School
Student Searches
Central Bucks/PA School Policy
Slippery Slope
Reasonable Suspicion
To what extent should students be able to search students?
Board of Education v. Earls
Phaneuf v Fraikin
United States v. Salazar
TLO’s 2 prong reasonableness test