motion on ramp


Motions in 2D

PHYS 101 week 3

From a ski resort ad…

Free-fall shy-diving is the

greatest rush you can experience … but we’ll take you as close as you can get on land. When you tip your skis down the slope of our steepest runs, you can accelerate at up to 75% of the acceleration you’d

experience in free-fall…

OK, how steep is the slope?

Ski jumpers go down a long slippery slope on slippery skis (very little friction) to achieve high speeds before they launch into the air. A particular ski jump has a ramp of length 120m, tipped at

21° with respect to the horizontal.

What is the highest speed a jumper can achieve on such a ramp?

An airplane pilot wants to flu due west from

Spokane to Seattle. Her plane moves through the air at 200 mph, but the wind is blowing at 40mph from the north.

In what direction should he point the plane?

Now for the interesting part:

Assuming that the plane carries fuel for 2 hours, is the pilot going to make it?