Women`s Rights Movement

Which of the following was NOT a ruling of the Warren
All election districts must provide equal representation of
The courts must provide lawyers for poor defendants.
Police must advise suspects of their right to remain silent.
The right to life of an unborn child is guaranteed by the
14th Amendment.
State-required prayers and Bible readings in public schools
violate the First Amendment.
President Johnson’s Great Society programs included all of the
following EXCEPT
Federal aid to poor elementary and high school districts
ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to guarantee
equality for women
Federal health insurance for the elderly and medical care
for the poor and disabled
Federal funding of self-help programs for the poor
Passage of civil rights laws to promote equal opportunity
for all Americans
Women’s Rights Movement
How successful was the Women’s Rights
Movement in increasing accessibility to the
American Dream?
Post-WW2 Situation
 Traditional Roles
 Cult of Domesticity
 Work Force
 Pink Collar Ghetto
 Supplementary Workers
What’s the Problem?
 the “silent problem”
 loss of identity
 criticized as
 two full-time “jobs”
 Feminine Mystique (1963)
 Consciousness Raising
 Civil Rights Act of 1964 –Title
 National Organization for
Women (1966)
 Educational Amendments Act of
1972 – Title IX
 Equal Rights Amendment
 birth control pill
 Griswold v. Connecticut (1965)
 abortion
 Roe v.Wade (1973)
 Our Bodies, Ourselves (1970)
 Latinos
 Benefited from demand for labor
during WW2
 Young Chicanos for Community
Action, Brown Berets, Mexican
American Youth Organization
 United Farm Workers
 Cesar Chavez
 Native Americans
 American Indian Movement
 Gay Rights
 Stonewall
 Gay Liberation Front
FRQ Practice – team style 
 “Between 1960 and 1975, there was a great progress in the
struggle for political and social equality.” Assess the validity of this
statement with respect to TWO of the following groups during
that period: African-Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, Native
Americans, Women
Group 1: Brainstorm application content details
Group 2: Add to the brainstorming list
Group 3: Write a thesis based on the list
Group 4: Outline an essay based on the thesis (include main ideas
and details you’d include in that paragraph)
Group 5: Write one supporting paragraph based on the outline