InventorsWorksheet JR

American Innovators of the Industrial Revolution
Samuel Colt
John Deere
Robert Fulton
Invention or
Significance to society:
18th and 19th century
Significance to society:
The Colt .45 Long Colt
Pistol, made first pump
action shotgun, many
other pistols, one of the
first non-black powder
revolvers, safer guns.
His revolving action multiple shot
pistol was said to have, “won the
West”. His guns were used in the
Civil War, the Texas Revolution,
and the Mexican- American War.
Many People use his guns for
recreational purposes, safety,
and the military use variations of
his weapons now.
Samuel Morse
Isaac Singer
He invented the horseThe "Father of Modern
The machines manufactured by
drawn reaper in 1831. At
Agriculture," made one of the
McCormick's company and its
the age of 15, he invented most significant contributions to
successor, International
a lightweight cradle for the United States' prosperity, when
Harvester Co., which now
carting harvested grain
he invented the horse-drawn
harvest hundreds of acres a day,
(1824). He also invented
reaper in 1831.
have enabled the vast majority of
the harvester.
Americans to apply their talent
and energy to fields like
engineering, medicine, and the
Henry Ford
Eli Whitney
Henry Ford realized his
dream of producing an
automobile that was
reasonably priced,
reliable, and efficient
with the introduction of
the Model T in 1908. By
1918, half of all cars in
America were Model Ts.
To meet the growing
demand for the Model T,
the company opened a
large factory at Highland
Park, Michigan, in 1910.
Although Ford was not the first to
build a self-propelled vehicle with
a gasoline engine, he was,
however, one of several
automotive pioneers who helped
this country become a nation of
The introduction of the moving
assembly line revolutionized
automobile production by
significantly reducing assembly
time per vehicle, thus lowering
costs. Ford's production of
Model Ts made his company the
largest automobile manufacturer
in the world. This helps car
producers to better make cars
Henry Bessemer
Bessemer developed the
first process for massproducing steel
During the Crimean War
Bessemer invented a new type of
artillery shell. Bessemer then
developed an improved iron
smelting process that produced
large quantities of ingots of
superior quality. Modern steel is
made using technology based on
Bessemer's process. Much of the
modern industrial age has built
upon steel created for cannon of
The dominant steel
manufacturing technology of
today is an extension and
refinement of the one developed
by Bessemer.
George Eastman
James Watt
Graham Bell
His invention of the
"photophone," in which a
vibratory beam of light is
substituted for a wire in
conveying speech, has
also attracted much
attention, but has never
been practically used.
His inventions were successful and
We get the modern day phone
were to the benefit of the people
from his inventions which
during that time.
benefits very many people today.
Thomas Edison
Wright Brothers
On December 17, 1903,
at Kitty Hawk, North
Carolina, the Wright
Flyer became the first
powered, heavier-than-air
machine to achieve
controlled, sustained
flight with a pilot aboard.
This sparked the aviation ages in
American history. Later on it led
on to new aviation inventions.
After they began the aviation the
inventions took off, literally, and
eventually these inventions gave
us the US Airforce.