Chapter 13 section 1

A Technological Revolution
• Licenses that give an
inventor the exclusive
rights to make, use, or
sell an invention for a
set period of time
How did the system of patents
encourage innovation and investment
• By giving inventors and
How did inventions such as the light
bulb and the telegraph change daily
life in the late 1800s?
• Extended usable hours
of the day
• The amount of goods
and services created in
a given period of time
Why did the nation’s industrial
productivity rise in the late 1800s?
• Due to new technology,
Edwin L. Drake
• Began drilling for oil in
Western PA using a
steam powered drill
Why did the oil business change after
Drake found oil in PA?
• Using Drake’s method,
it was less expensive,
less time consuming,
and easier to obtain
large amounts of oil
Transcontinental Railroad
• A railway extending
from the east coast to
the west coast
What were the advantages of building
the transcontinental railroad?
• Reduced cost and
increased efficiency of
Problems with trains
• Their size sometimes
scared people
Bessemer Process
• Made it easier and
cheaper to
What innovations did the Bessemer
Process encourage?
• Mass production of
Mass Production
• Production in great