AEDE Graduate Program travel guidelines

Guidelines for Grad Student Travel
Professional Meetings
July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015
Travel Approval
If you wish to attend a professional meeting including the AAEA you must follow the proper guidelines and
procedures. AEDE will support travel to (1) professional meeting each fiscal year for the period July 1, 2014 – June
30, 2015. The maximum amount is $400 if participating & $250 if you are only attending. (Participation
description: Making presentations, moderating organized symposia, chairing major sessions, participating in a
poster session or making presentations in pre-and post-conference workshops). Only one individual will be
supported at the “participation” rate per paper, presentation or poster activity.
Travel grants to attend professional conferences will be available only to PhD students that have passed
the second-year research manuscript requirement (Note: If a student submits an abstract/paper prior
to meeting the second-year research manuscript requirement, and subsequently does not meet that
requirement, they will be denied travel funding even if the abstract/paper submission is successful)
Any PhD student seeking to submit an abstract/paper in consideration for presentation at a professional
conference must seek the explicit written approval of their advisor before submission of the
abstract/paper (e-mail approval by the advisor will suffice)
If an abstract/paper is accepted for presentation at a professional conference, PhD students must also
seek the explicit written approval from their advisor before applying for a department travel grant (email approval by the advisor will suffice—the advisor approval must be attached to the request for
funding along with a document stating you have been accepted to present or participate in the event in
order to be eligible for $400 travel support.
Upon meeting requirements, receiving proper documentation and approvals please send an e-mail
message with the attached information requesting approval to seek funding to the Chair, Tim Haab,
[email protected] and copy Joan Weber, [email protected] Provide the name of the meeting (not just
the acronym), dates of the event, and if you will be participating or just attending the meeting.
PhD students failing to meet any of these requirements will have their travel grant application denied.
According to University Policy if you are traveling on University business and requesting to use departmental funds
to support your travel you must submit a travel request form and application for leave form in advance of your
travel date. You will not be eligible for departmental funding if you do not follow this policy for all travel
Travel requests should be submitted (2) weeks in advance of your trip. After the fact travel requests are not
acceptable for any reason.
Rental car agencies not under contract: Use of an automobile as a primary mode of transportation is authorized
only if driving is more economical than any other type of transportation or if the destination is not otherwise
accessible. Documentation (e.g. airfare quote) is required to demonstrate cost comparison when considering
driving over flying.
If a rental car is necessary University travelers should incur the lowest reasonable rental car expenses that meet
business needs. Damage Waiver (DW) / Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) / Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) and Liability
insurance coverage are required. The university will not reimburse any other type of supplemental insurance.
If you use National or Enterprise and request the OSU contracted rate, it will include all necessary insurance at no
extra costs we strongly suggest you use these rental agencies when possible.
Documents Required for Car Rental Reimbursement: Original, itemized receipts; fully executed rental agreement
signed by traveler indicating DW/CDS/LDW and Liability insurance (must include the cost, dates and travel
locations). DW/CDW/LDW and Liability insurance must be purchased. (See Travel Policy for details
Payment Information:
 If you have direct deposit your reimbursement will be deposited in your account. If you do not have
direct deposit a check will be sent to the address listed in the Human Resource Financial System.
Request Guidelines:
Graduate students should obtain the OSU travel request form from room 104 (forms are located on the
table inside the door) or from Janice DiCarolis ([email protected]) in room 252A Ag Admin)
The business office will provide Janice with the proper chartfield for payment.
Submit completed travel request form to Janice DiCarolis (mailbox located in room 103 Ag Admin) a
minimum of 2 weeks prior to your travel. (Attach a copy of your registration and or a copy of your
confirmed airfare, also attach an application for leave form)
If you plan to be reimbursed at the “participation” rate ($400) please provide evidence of participation
when submitting your travel request. Only one individual will be supported at the “participation” rate per
paper, presentation or poster activity.
Please have your advisor sign the travel request form any place on the bottom of the form before
submitting it. If there are additional funding sources supporting your trip please have that person provide
you with the organization, fund, etc. and have them sign the form as well.
Reimbursement Guidelines:
Bring original receipts to Janice DiCarolis (mailbox located in room 103 Ag Admin) after your trip. All
receipts must show the method of payment (i.e. cash, MC, Visa)
If receipts do not show the last 4 digits of a credit card account number, the traveler will be asked to
provide a copy of their credit card statement showing their name, the name of the credit card company,
the charge, and the last 4 digits ONLY of their account. All other information may be blocked out.
Please use your personal credit card to pay for expenses. We cannot reimburse you for items paid with
another person’s credit card.
As with all travel expense submissions, original itemized receipts are required.
Note: you must have itemized receipt along with proof of payment receipt.
Hotel – If you share a hotel room you MUST! MUST! MUST! pay individually and request separate receipts
in order to be reimbursed. Make sure your receipt shows a zero balance. (Pay separately) If your
receipt does not show the method of payment, a credit card statement showing the charge will be
Mileage – In instances where several participants ride together, only the driver can claim mileage.
Meals – If several of you attend a meal together, request separate itemized receipts and pay for your own
meals. Do not pay for others. You will only be reimbursed for your meals if you have an itemized receipt
and proof of payment.
Per Diem – If you claim Per Diem you must claim the full amount. If you do not claim the full amount you
must provide a reason. Examples: Hotel provided breakfast; lunch was included in registration fee; etc.
Complete attached spreadsheet and submit it to Janice DiCarolis (mailbox located in room 103 Ag Admin)
Reimbursement requests must be submitted within 10 days after you returned from your trip.
Mary Roberts – [email protected]
Janice DiCarolis – [email protected]
Ana Crespo - [email protected]
Joan Weber - [email protected]