My First Week at OSU

My First Week at OSU
My first week at OSU has involved many new experiences, people, and a plethora of
emotions. Among these emotions, the two dominant ones are excitement and nervousness. I was,
and still am, very excited to make new friends and finally be apart of classes that interest me and
are of value to me. While I miss my family and friends at home, I was very excited to meet many
new and diverse people since everyone from my high school was essentially from the same
background. Also, classes have already proven to be far more interesting than my high school
classes since I was able to pick them out from a very long list. Despite the excitement I have for
making new friends and going to interesting classes, I am nervous about what these two
situations entail. While I have started to meet new people and possibly friends, I am still nervous
that I won’t find someone who will understand me like my best friend at home does. Classes also
make me nervous because I am afraid that I will not be prepared for the new level of difficulty
that college is rumored to have.
My first week at OSU has been pretty chaotic, but in a good way. I am still adjusting to
the new routine and the amount of walking that must be done in order to get to class. The first
couple of days were very hectic since they were filled with different activities, but it was nice to
have so many events to go to and people to meet. Classes have been fairly simple since they
mostly pertain to the syllabus and expectations of each class. I expect that my OSU experience
will probably calm down once I figure out a routine and fully understand my schedule. I hope
that OSU will provide me with many opportunities and I expect that it will since I have already
taken advantage of many of those opportunities. I also expect that the Humanities group will
provide many new experiences, whether through different activities for points or just through the
friendships that I hope to form in my hallway.