Apple MacBook business case

Computers for Teachers
Apple MacBook business case
This form should be completed by the school principal to officially request an allocation of Computers for
Teachers Apple Macbook laptops.
Before submitting this application, please ensure your teacher/school meet and have considered the
following guidelines:
1. The teacher meets the Computers for Teachers’ eligibility requirements to receive a laptop (as outlined
on our website:
2. The request for an Apple MacBook is not to be made as a matter of individual teacher preference, but on
a needs basis according to the nature of teaching duties. It is expected that teachers in these roles
would already be using an Apple computer or require the use of specific Apple software to assist in their
3. The principal must be satisfied that if the teacher leaves that the replacement teacher will also be
required to use the Apple MacBook.
School name:
School ID number:
Telephone number:
Principal’s name:
Principal’s MIS
email address:
Outline Apple MacBook business case
Teachers requiring Apple MacBooks
Given name
Employee number
Position title
By signing this Apple MacBook business case, I accept responsibility of the needs-based requirements for
an Apple MacBook for the above teacher(s):
Principal’s signature
School name
The principal must email the completed form to the Computers for Teachers team at
[email protected] and fax a signed copy to 07 3421 6441
Please note: The Department of Education and Training is collecting your personal information for the purpose of supporting
Section 6 of the Queensland Education (General Provisions) Act 2006. The objective of this exercise is to gain information for the
purpose of the Smart Classrooms Computers for Teachers program.
Once gathered, this information will be securely stored on the department’s network and every effort will be made to ensure is not
wrongly disclosed. Your information will not be given to any other person, department or agency, except for the purposes of
providing communications or achieving services related to the above stated objectives.
If you have any questions about any information being collected about you by the Computers for Teachers program, please contact
us on 07 3421 6677.