ToneWars: Cooperative Second Language Learning via Mobile

ToneWars: Cooperative Second Language
Learning via Mobile Games
• Motivation
– Learning a second language is challenging and time consuming (it takes skilled
linguists around 2200 hours, or 88 weeks, of dedicated classroom instruction
to reach general proficiency in languages dissimilar to their native languages)
– Can we make the L2 language learning process fun, engaging and take
advantage of learners’ fragmented time?
– Designing a cooperative L2 learning game that leverages the idea of mastery
learning, cooperative learning, and crowd sourcing to native-speakers.
What you need to complete
– Porting our current ToneWars prototype running on Android to running on
iPad via the cocos2d-x engine.
– Revising/polishing/iterating on new features.
Resources and Skills
– An Apple iPad, a MacBook Pro laptop (with Apple Developer Account) will be
lent to you.
– You need to be comfortable with programming in C++ and learning new things