PSD Personal Finance Unit 2: Education and Employment Name:

PSD Personal Finance
Unit 2: Education and Employment
Assignment: Explore
Choose at least 3 careers you want to find more information about and research them under the
Explore Careers section. You may want to use the career suggestions that you explored, or
something else that you know interests you.
For each job you might want to consider:
What are the hours?
What is the work environment?
What is the salary?
Will the standard salary allow you to live the lifestyle you want? (You will want to
keep this in mind when you do your Budget Unit later on.)
Will the number of jobs increase or decrease in this field? (For example, technology
will probably increase, while assembly lines will probably decrease.)
What are the expectations for your job? Do you need continual training or a lot of
travel, or do you have to talk in front of people?
What are the educational requirements?
You may also include questions you have about the jobs.
Create a chart that compares the careers you researched. For each job, list at least three (3)
things you like about the job and several things you dislike.
When you are done, submit your chart as an attachment in AS2: Explore in Unit 2.