ENG201 Course Outline
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North Seattle Community College
Humanities & International Programs
Course Outline
Division: Humanities
Course Number: ENG 201
Program/Dept: English
Credits: 5
Variable: No
Inst. Intent: 11 Academic Transfer
Fee: No
23 0501
Degree/Certificate Requirement: No
Name of Degree/Certificate Requirement:
Distribution Requirement for AAS: No
Transfer Status to 4-year institution: Yes
If yes, please describe:
English X or equivalent; may satisfy Humanities distribution
at some colleges.
Course length: ONE QUARTER
Class Size: 28
Course Contact Hours: 55
Lecture: 55
Prerequisite: Yes If yes, please describe:
ENG 101 or instructor’s permission.
Required Placement Tests: Yes If yes, please describe:
NSCC Language Skills Profile or successful completion of ENG 101.
Course Description:
English 201 focuses on the fourth genre of literature—nonfiction. Creative nonfiction has its
own disciplines but draws from the other literary genres in terms of creative techniques.
Creative nonfiction goes well beyond the typical undergraduate composition essay as students
learn to combine their imaginative strength with literary techniques borrowed from fiction,
poetry and drama to create art in a nonfiction form.
ENG201 Course Outline
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Course Outcomes/Learning Objectives:
1. To develop students’ capacities in writing the extended personal essay.
2. To develop students’ skill in reading advanced essays on a variety of subjects.
3. To develop students’ skill in writing critical responses to the essay models.
4. To heighten students’ sense of rhetorical situation, audience, tone, voice, etc.
5. To become familiar with literary techniques from various genres.
6. To read and analyze the nonfiction writings of varied authors.
7. To improve sentence control.
8. To develop an individual style and voice in their writing.
NSCC General Education Outcomes and/or Technical Program Outcomes (for
technical courses) Met by Course: (list each outcome):
A.A. degree and Humanities distribution or elective.
Topical Outline and/or Major Divisions:
Subject Matter: the personal voice.
Subject Matter: public concerns and issues.
Subject Matter: the exotic, the eyewitness report.
Audience: the interested reader.
Audience: the witness is received.
Audience: the public.
Style/Voice: the strict and plain.
Style/Voice: the elaborated.
Methods of Assessment/Evaluation:
1. Students will read assignments in a selected text.
2. Students will draft essays, both personal and critical, share them with writing groups, and
revise them.
Students will be evaluated on writing and revising approximately 5 - 6 extended essays for a
total of 5 - 10,000 words.
Students will be evaluated on participation in class discussion and writing groups.
Required Text(s) and/or Materials:
To be selected by instructor (A text such as: HBJ Reader, Haswell, et al., ed. or Eight
Modern Essayists, Smart, Ed.).
Supplemental Text(s) and/or Materials:
ENG201 Course Outline
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Outline Developed by:
Marcia Barton
Date: February 1, 1988
Revised by:
English Department
Date: October 13, 1995