2016 Resolutions
Monday, we will begin our Social Studies unit
on “Communities”. The students will discover
that communities are a place where people
live, work, play and solve problems. They will
compare three different types of
communities and their features; urban,
suburban and rural. Taking a look at the
history of Issaquah and how it has changed
over time will be fascinating for the students!
To start off the new year, the students
Volunteer Thank You’s
Art Docents
Erica Stapleton and her amazing team; Brooke, Miyuki,
Maria and Mandy came yesterday to teach/support an
“abstract” art piece based on the works of artist, Andrea
Hahn. The project involved collage piecing and oil pastels!
They are each unique and creative in their own special
made flip books that included 2 goals for
the new year, 1 thing they’d like to stop
doing, 1 new thing they’d like to learn
and 6 new things they’d like to try!
Ask your child about…
Informational Writing
Students are learning features of nonfiction text (table
of contents, key word, glossary, index, label, diagrams)
in preparation for writing an informational book on a
topic they feel they are an expert. To kickoff this unit,
the children took a “Scavenger Hunt” through a
nonfiction book searching and recording key features of
nonfiction text. Over the next four weeks, each day will
hold a writing mini-lesson that will teach your child how
to write their own book, including text features!
Weekly “Scholasttic News Magazines” are one way we
explore nonfiction text in class. Scholastic News brings
awareness to current events and history that shapes our
world. Our recent issue covered the topic, volcanoes!
The excitement for learning more about volcanoes took
over! In order to answer all of their wonderful curiosities
and wonders, reading homework has been focused on this
topic to further the learning. Top secret…I’m bringing in a
volcano simulation next week and I’m certain the
fascination will be OVER THE TOP!
Name some differences between fiction and
nonfiction text.
What is your favorite song that you will be
singing in the upcoming concert? Can you sing
it for me?
What does the word “resolution” mean?
How does a volcano erupt?
What makes a shape a polygon? (any shape
with a least three sides and angles)
How have you shown “expected behavior” in
the lunchroom?
When you make an inference in a story, what
helps guide your thinking? (schema, story
How many ways can you represent 10?