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K. Shimabukuro
February 4, 2010
What Defines Non Fiction?
The definition of nonfiction is the prose of writing that is true. There are several
different types of nonfiction; essays, journals, documents, histories, scientific papers,
biographies, and much more!
An example of an essay is The Ignored Lesson of Anne Frank. The purpose of
an essay is to argue about your opinion. The purpose of a speech is to persuade or
inform the reader on a specific topic. The purpose of an article is to give factual
information on a specific event, person, or thing.
There are several different literary elements that are used to discuss nonfiction;
plot, character, point of view, setting, theme, tone, style, and irony. For example, plot is
what a character thinks, does, or says. Character is a person, animal, or thing; Point of
view is an angle or position from which a narrative is told; Setting is the time and place
where the event is happening; Tone is the authors attitude; Style is the authors way of
writing; Irony is the contrast between elements, appearance and reality; Theme is the
main controlling idea.