A Student
Mr. Rowland
14 January 2016
A Modest Proposal
A New Fad to Stop Adulthood Obesity Before it Begins
There is no bigger nuisance than searching for your seat at a hockey game only to find it
being taken up by someone else’s extra bodyweight. Or taking your grandmother to shop for
groceries at Walmart and finding all the electric scooters occupied by obese-ridden adults. As
humans, we are all responsible for our bodies and how we maintain them, ending up obese is
only the fault of the perpetrator. I understand that the golden arches of McDonald’s can be a hard
trap to surpass, but deciding to supersize your meal will only supersize your hips.
The condition is defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair
health. The biggest cause of obesity is an imbalance of calories consumed and calories expended.
This relates to the global increase of energy-dense foods that are high in fat, sugar, and sodium
and also the global increase of physical inactivity. The condition brings in major health risks as
well, such as: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, muscular disorders, and even some cancers.
Thankfully, it is preventable, though many choose to ignore and drive by the risks instead to
Wendy’s to get their double baconator. The prevalence of video games, television, and social
media steer our population away from physical activities resulting in hours spent lying on the
Obesity has been climbing at staggering rates and has more than doubled since 1980. In
fact, in 2014 1.9 billion adults were overweight and on their way to becoming obese, of those 1.9
billion, 600 million had already succumbed to the disease. It has been proven that most of the
world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than
underweight. These are horrifying stats for a rather preventable and curable disease.
The preventable measures for obesity have very obviously been overlooked for
generations. If we want to put an end to obesity, we need to come up with something new and
exciting to catch the attention of the population. My proposal is geared towards a teenage
audience because it is the only way to stop adulthood obesity before it has the chance to start.
Teenagers are also more willing to follow new trends and fads, which would spread the
popularity of the proposal.
The solution is easy, consisting of only a short surgery from one of the worlds many
talented doctors. The surgery will remove most of the patient’s stomach leaving them with a
much smaller one to fill each day. Resulting in a lower calorie intake which ultimately reduces
the amount of physical activity needed to slim out those hips. The body will never realize the
missing stomach and adapt to the new one, leaving teens, and eventually adults, with a slimmer
body image they all adore. I mean look at some of those women on the runway, who wouldn’t
want to show a few extra ribs?
As we all know, as exciting and promising as fad diets look, they often fail to exceed our
expectations. Getting the beach body you desire is near impossible to achieve in twenty one
days, only leaving you more upset about your body. This procedure is a one-time quick fix that
will be popularized around the world because of its efficiency. No more sweating it out on the
treadmill to lose pounds, rather a small visit to your favorite doctor will give you the body you
fantasize about.
This proposal will also cut down on fatty and unhealthy foods, creating a bigger food
surplus of natural and nutritious foods only to prolong the figure and expel obesity for good.
People will no longer eat as much in a day as they are used to, allowing food to last much longer.
With more food in the world to go around, not only do we say goodbye to obesity, we reduce
hunger rates worldwide as well.
Now, I know the idea of putting millions of teens through surgery may be a difficult
concept to understand. But why should we not trust our doctors? We trust them with our lives
every day, and if we ever need advice about our body, our doctor is the first person we call. It is
a one-time only procedure, a procedure the doctor will have performed hundreds of times that
will limit your risk for obesity all the way down to zero. So the ultimate question is up to you,
die from too many fries, or undergo a small procedure to ensure a long, healthy life.
With a smaller calorie intake also comes a smaller nutrient intake which makes it harder
to immerse the body in the nutrients it needs. The fix is simple, a small multivitamin taken each
day replenishes the body with the vitamins and nutrients it craves, only leaving you healthier and
happier. With a small trip to your local drug store a yearly supply can be picked up for a small
price, and you are ready to start your slim life.
Ultimately this proposal poses a very effective solution to an increasing worldwide
problem. Food supply will grow, people will be happy, and the worry of dying from getting the
large milkshake will no longer exist. The fix can be used and advertised all over the world, and
anybody can commit to living a skinnier, healthier life. Used at young ages prepares the
individual for a long life and diminishes the risks accompanied with obesity, but can also be used
later in life to refresh an individual and start them down a new path. The population will now
have the size zero body they lust after, and will only begin to think of the possibilities to solve
other worldwide problems.
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