Supersize Me Essay

Supersize Me Persuasive Essay
Take a stand on whether or not fast food restaurants should be able to be
sued because their food is bad for you.
 Minimum 4 paragraphs
o Introduction (state your claim and explain why it is controversial,
attention grabbing, use interesting language and sound like you care)
o Reasons in support of claim (cite the article’s most important
reasons, “quote” experts)
o Reasons against claim (cite article’s most important reason against
claim and remember to say why your claim is valid anyways)
o Conclusion
 Pay attention to proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Use
compelling and interesting words.
 Follow rubric closely trying to get as many “4s” as possible
1st Paragraph
 Introduction
2 Paragraph
 How has advertising affected Americans’ eating habits? Do you believe
that advertising should be regulated for fast food the same as it is for
3 Paragraph
 Why is fast food bad for your health? Cite specific examples from the
4th Paragraph
 Do you think that the two girls who sued McDonalds have a legitimate
5th Paragraph
 Conclusion