CareBlue Care Coordinator Intro Call Script

Care Coordinator Intro Call Talking Points
Care Coordinators should check MN-ITS prior to making call to determine if member
is dually eligible or Medical Assistance eligible only.
Welcome member as a new enrollee to CHOOSE ONE
Give name and title
Clarify to the member that they are in no way required to provide information during
this call. Any information that the member provides will not affect the member’s
membership in the plan.
Describe role of care coordinator
 Assist with health plan questions/issues
 Coordinating between doctors and providers
 Assist with getting health care needs met
Provide opportunity for member questions about the plan and role of care coordinator
Explain to member that they can choose not to utilize services from the care
coordinator. This choice will not affect their benefits.
Ask if they have received Blue Plus ID card and member information
Are there any questions about how to receive health services?
Schedule appointment for care coordination visit to complete assessment of needs and
assist to develop a plan of care. (Care Coordination visit should be completed within
30 days. Exception: MSC+ non waivered is 60 days)
Provide care coordinator name and phone number
Welcome to Blue Plus
Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Minnesota and Blue Plus® are nonprofit independent
licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
H2425_011408_A03 CMS 3/08
H0974_011408_A04 CMS 2/08