Exam Review Study Guide: Revolution

Exam Review Study Guide: Gilded Age
Exam Format: TBD
Materials to Review: Chapter 16-20. Gilded Age powerpoints.
Helen Hunt Jackson
Plains Indians
Dawes Severalty Act
Battle of Little Bighorn
Wounded Knee
Desert Land Act
Transcontinental Railroad
Morrill Land Grant Act
Jay Gould
Thomas Edison
Andrew Carnegie
Gustavus Swift
Social Darwinism
Laissez-Faire Economics
Horizontal Monopolies
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Henry George – Progress and Poverty
Wabash v. Illinois
Patrons of Husbandry/Grangers
United States v. EC Knight Co.
Middle Class Life
New Immigration
Tenement Houses
Social Gospel
Hull House
Ellis Island
Chinese Exclusion Act – 1882
Mark Twain
William Dean Howells
Frederick Jackson Turner
Oliver Wendall Holmes
Political Machines
Credit Mobilier Scandal
Whiskey Ring Affair
James Blaine
Charles Giuteau
McKinley Tariff
Coxey's Army
Gold v. Silver Monetary Standard
Cross of Gold Speech
Civil Rights Cases of 1883
Plessy v. Ferguson
Buffalo in the Plains
Treaty of Fort Laramie
Ghost Dance
Comstock Lode
Open Range Ranching
Barbed Wire Wars
Homestead Act of 1862
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Bessemer Process
J.P. Morgan
The Gospel of Wealth
John Rockefeller
Vertical Monopolies
Rate Cutting/Collusion/Rebates
Henry Lloyd – Wealth Against Commonwealth
Edward Bellamy – Looking Backward
Munn v. Illinois
Interstate Commerce Act
Working Class Life
Jacob Riis – How the Other Half Lives
Settlement Houses
Jane Addams
Angel Island
John Dewey
Henry James
Richard Ely
Horatio Alger
Chautauqua Movement
Boss Tweed
Indian Ring Scandal
Thomas Nast
Roscoe Conkling
Burlingame Treaty
Pendleton Act of 1882
The Presidents of the Gilded Age
Wilson-Gorman Tariff
Omaha Platform
William Jennings Bryan
Hall v. DeCuir
Booker T. Washington – Atlanta Compromise
Great Railroad Strike
Homestead Steel Strike
Coal Strike 1902
Terence Powderly
Eugene Debs
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Haymarket Square Riot
Pullman Strike
Knights of Labor
American Federation of Labor
Yellow Dog Contracts