The Gilded Age- essay - ASC

The Gilded Age
The Age of Industrialization brought new technologies, new
opportunities and new challenges to people in America at the end of
the 19th century.
Prompt: Describe the trends in labor, industry, immigration, society
and politics between the years of 1877-1896. Explain why the time
is referred to as “the Gilded Age” even though income disparity was
at an all time high.
NOTE: Your final draft must be a five paragraph essay, typed in a
12 point font, double spaced (but no extra spacing) with 1” margins
all around. NO EXCEPTIONS!! If you have problems printing,
save on a disk and print at school OR email your essay
Grading Rubric:
30 points
*completed on time = 5 points
*historically accurate /
chronological = 10 points
*clear, concise, fluid writing
(vocabulary, structure, eloquence) = 10 points
*format is correct = 5 points