Commemorative Speech

Commemorative Speech
1. Speech commemorating someone; the person can be you or another,
alive or not, friend, enemy, stranger. Examples: Best man/Maid of honour
speech, Thank you, Lifetime achievement, Speech of introduction, Tribute,
2. You CAN read from a manuscript if you wish, but you may also speak
extemporaneously (“off the cuff”).
3. I will NOT be collecting any papers from you for this speech. So, no
outline, manuscript, or reference page is required THIS time around.
4. The speech must have an intro and conclusion—even one line (for each).
5. The speech must follow the tenets of good speaking, i.e. eye contact,
good verbal delivery, good nonverbals, and you must seem prepared. You
must also use transitions and rich or at least evocative language. (Not
cuss words, though you can use slang JUST THIS ONCE!).
TIME: 2-3 minutes (no credit if you fall short of or exceed that window of