NAME MEIOSIS REINFORCEMENT 1. What is the purpose of

NAME _____________________________________
1. What is the purpose of meiosis?
2. Define the following terms:
homologous chromosomessister chromatids:
diploid cellsymbol:
haploid cellsymbol:
tetrad- pair of homologous chromosomes that occurs in prophase I
3. Crossing over occurs during prophase I. Chromatids of homologous chromosomes cross over one another and exchange
sections of chromatids. How might crossing over add to genetic variation in a population?
5. In male animals, haploid gametes are called ________________.
6. In female animals, haploid gametes are called _______________ .
7. What is the fundamental difference in meiosis between males and females (sperm vs. egg production)?
8. In human cells, 2N = 46. How many chromosomes would you expect to find in a human sperm cell? ________________
In a human egg cell? ________________
In a human white blood cell? ________________
9. Using the table on side 2, along with your cell division notes, compare mitosis and meiosis by completing the following table.
Comparing mitosis with meiosis
CHARACTERISTIC Purpose Number of daughter cells Number of chromosomes (human) in daughter cells. Number of cellular divisions Genetic composition of daughter cells: Haploid or diploid? Identical or different from parent? MITOSIS MEIOSIS Compare sexual reproduction to asexual reproduction # of parent(s) SEXUAL Advantage(s) Disadvantage(s) ASEXUAL