Virtual Pig Dissection #2 – The Respiratory System

Virtual Pig Dissection – The Respiratory System
This is a “virtual dissection” where you will visit each of the different
parts of the pig’s body to get an idea of what the parts are for. To get
started, go to and click
on “Respiratory System”. Answer the questions below either by
copying and pasting this sheet onto one of your own, or printing off a
copy to write your answers in. You WILL NEED TO KNOW THIS
1. On the first slide where it shows the pig’s nose, it gives a
definition of what the respiratory system is. Copy this.
2. Click to the next part. What is the tube that carries the air
directly to the lungs?
3. What is the tube that carries the food to the digestive system?
4. Click to the next slide and check out the lungs. Click next
again, and sketch and label the different parts that are seen in
this picture.
5. Click to dissect the lungs. Using proper terms, tell what
happens to the air once it has passed through the bronchi.
6. Dissect further and read through this part. Click to move on to
the diaphragm. What is the thoracic cavity? How does the
diaphragm help the pig to breathe?
You are done with the virtual tour, and now it’s time to take the test to
see what you have learned. Copy out the proper definition of what
each of the following words if for.
1. Lungs
2. Bronchi
3. Diaphragm
4. Nares
5. Trachea