Day 3- AP Fetal Pig Dissection Hand-in

Day 3- AP
Fetal Pig Dissection Hand-in
Post Lab Questions
1. What type of muscle do you find in the heart?
2. Draw what the pigs diaphragm would look like if he/she inhaled?
3. Which part of the nervous system is the brain and spinal cord?
1. Name the tissue that covers and protects the lungs.
2. Where is the epiglottis & what is its function?
3. Give the function of the larynx.
4. Why is the trachea constructed with cartilaginous rings?
5. Where is the diaphragm & give its function.
6. Does the diaphragm function in the fetus? Explain.
7. Why do you think the bronchii branch extensively into tiny air tubes?
8. Why do the lungs appear collapsed in the fetus?
9. Explain in paragraph form the pathway of air from outside the body to the bloodstream. Be sure to use the following
words: nose, mouth, nasal cavity, lung, bronchii, trachea, alveoli, and bronchioles.
10. How do the respiratory and circulatory systems work together to rid the body of CO2?
1. Into what heart chamber does the superior and inferior vena cava open?
2. From what chamber does the aorta arise?
3. To what structures do the pulmonary arteries lead?
4. Why are arteries larger than veins?
5. What is the function of the heart valves?
Label the heart. Color the side that pumps deoxygenated blood to the lungs blue.
Color the side that pumps oxygen rich blood to the body red.