Until We Meet Again Imaging Journals

Until We Meet Again
Imaging Journals
Imaging journals visually represent the significant passages from
the text. For each chapter, you will create an imaging journal
which illustrates the most important moment or development
from that chapter. Each chapter’s imaging journal must include
the following:
1. The top half of the page will have a dominant image, group of
images or collage illustrating the most important event or the
main idea of the chapter.
2. The bottom half of the page will have a carefully chosen
quotation from the chapter which explains your image.
3. Under the quotation will be your two-three sentence
explanation of your drawing and why it is the most important
part of the chapter.
*An example of an Imaging Chart is hanging on the white board
at the front of the classroom. These will be graded on neatness,
content and relevance to the story.
*** Please keep this paper in the front of your
binder. You will need it throughout the novel
study. ***