CS477 Workflow Systems Final Exam

CS477 Workflow Systems
Final Exam
Answer the following questions. Each question constitutes 4 points.
1. What is a business process and its relationship with workflows?
2. Compare the different types of workflow systems.
3. What are some of the characteristics of the applications that are built on workflow
4. What are some of the requirements of a production workflow?
5. What are the key objectives of business process re-engineering?
6. Explain how a join condition serves as a synchronization point.
7. Explain the key methods for the discovery of activity sequences.
8. Explain the key measures to optimize a process.
9. Explain the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) in the buildtime
component of workflow systems.
10. Explain the three different approaches that are generally available for managing
organizational data by workflow system. List the advantages and disadvantages of
these approaches.