(50 points)
Each team will keep a binder that includes the following
 Team name
 Listing of team members with contact information (This should be distributed to all team
 Description of company organization and roles of each team member
 Team rules of behavior
 Completed situational analysis
 Mission Statement worksheet that clearly defines your team’s strategy
 Functional Planning worksheet for each round of the competition
 Sales forecast for each round of the competition
The binder should be brought to each team meeting with the instructor and should be current.
This will be handed in on the day of your team’s final presentation. It will be graded on
completeness and professionalism of appearance.
Company organization – There is an overview in the Help section on how to organize a company.
Each team can use the suggested ideas or come up with their own. Each person should have a
clearly defined role and each team should have guidelines developed for themselves on how to
conduct business.
Mission Statement – There is an outline in the Help, Tutorials & Demos, and Worksheets section
of the simulation that will assist you. This is the mission and overall strategy that you may follow
for the next several years. It should be word-processed and professional in spelling, grammar, and
punctuation. It will be graded on completeness, quality of thought, and reasonableness.
Functional Planning Worksheets - Planning worksheets are available on the capsim webpage
under Help, Tutorials & Demos, and Worksheets. One must be filled out before decisions are
made for each round. While they do not have to be followed in the actual decisions with 100%
accuracy, they should tie to the team’s basic strategy and should be generally followed. These are
graded on completeness, quality of thought, and planning.