Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template
Kathy Leadbetter
Science: Earth Patterns, Cycles and Change
Grade Level
3rd grade
Computer with internet access
Glue sticks
SOL 3.8 The student will investigate and understand basic patterns and cycles
occurring in nature. Key concepts include
c) plant life cycles.
Technological Standards:
Goal 1: Students are able to demonstrate basic operational skills with computers
and internet browsers.
Goal 2: Students are able to use input and output devices (mouse and keyboard).
Purpose of
the lesson
Students will be able to describe how plants grow from seed to plant.
Students will be able to identify parts of a plant and their functions.
Students will be able to use technology to search for information about the parts of
a plant and life cycle of a plant.
Students will learn that in the plant life cycle, a seed grows into a new plant that
forms seeds. Then the new seeds repeat the life cycle.
Access prior knowledge by bringing in a plant and ask the students to tell you how
they think plants grow. Then, ask them to identify the parts of the plant.
Explain to the students that they will be using the internet to find information on
the life cycle of plants and its parts. Once they access the websites given, they are
to find answers to the questions on the worksheets given to them. I will then hand
out a worksheet with a list of websites; a worksheet with ten questions about the
life cycle of a plant; and a worksheet for labeling the parts of a plant.
I will model what the students are to do by pulling up a website about plants and
then use information found on the website to answer the one of the questions on
the worksheets. Advise students they are to do the same and once they have
finished filling out the life cycle and plant parts worksheets, they are to glue them
separately in their science journal. I will model how to fold the worksheets and
then glue them in the journal.
I will inform students that some of the websites are videos and/or games.
I will introduce the objectives of the lesson and write them on an anchor chart so
students can go back to look at them.
I will hand students a copy of each worksheet and a computer which they will
share with a partner.
Have students look on the internet using the following websites to answer
questions about the life cycle and identify parts of a plant
As students work on their assignment, I will walk around the room to answer
questions and guide them.
Once the worksheets are finished and glued in the students journals, I will collect them
for grading. Based on the results, I will determine if I need to reteach the lesson.