Exam #1 Study Guideline


COM317: #Exam 1 Study Guideline

◙ Research Definition of Public Relations 4 steps of Management Process and the function of research on it The differences of “everyday knowing” and “scientific research” Types of research: Theoretical research vs. applied research The meaning of “Conceptualization” The meaning of “Operationalization” Formal vs. Informal research methods (see the table 1 at p. 6) Triangulation ◙ Management of Research in PR Continuing cycle of PR (p. 23) MBO (p. 24) ◙ Ethical Concerns in PR Research Read the “Shaw & White” article PR code of ethics vs. PR research ethics Stanley Milgram’s study Human subject committee and its guidelines Ethics of data gathering and reporting ◙ Historical and Secondary Research Methods Library Primary vs. secondary sources Documents ◙ Informal Methods Qualitative vs. Quantitative research Types of qualitative research Read the “Anderson” article Recall the Dr. Offen’s lecture In-depth interview and Focus Group Interview ◙ Case Studies Advantages vs. Disadvantages Theory vs. Ground theory Read the “King III” article