assignment and template

Writing and Literacy 7
USPS Personal and formal letters/envelopes (United States Postal Service)
Have you ever written a letter? Have you ever received a letter?
Assignment: Select one famous person from your list to whom you will write
and mail a three-paragraph, 300+ word letter. You will address the envelope.
Your letter can be either formal, serious (a business letter) or personal and
informal (friendly).
See Writing and Grammar (790) for business letter examples and (791) for
friendly letter examples.
Requirement checklist
______Teacher approves letter recipient.
______Address is on
______Letters demonstrates correct format.
______300+ words
______Paragraph 1 describes why you admire the famous person
______Paragraph 2 describes yourself
______Paragraph 3 requests an autograph or something sent back.
Letter is due __________________________
Stamps and envelopes provided by Trailblazer team fund.
Celebrity Name___________________________
Copy address EXACTLY as on the page)
Fan letter company name:_______________________________________
Street address: ________________________________________________
City, State:____________________________________________________
Country (if not USA):___________________________________________
Zip code/Country code:_________________________________________
Fan Letter assignment and template.doc
[Your Street Address: ex: 1234 California St.]
[Your City, State: ex: Columbus, IN]
[Your Zip code: xxxxx]
[Month, Day, Year]
[Name of person you are writing]
[C/o Company Name]
NOTE: You can use
Northside’s address if you do
not feel comfortable using your
home address.
Your Name
c/o Mrs. McCracken
Northside Middle School
1400 27th St.
Columbus, IN
[Company Street Address]
[City and State]
[Country if not USA]
[Zip code]
Dear ["Mr./Mrs./Miss Surname"],
[Main body paragraph 1 – Introduce and describe yourself. Five to seven sentences.]
[Main body paragraph 2 – Describe why you admire the person you are writing. Five to
seven sentences.]
[Main body paragraph 3 – Request an autograph, signed photo, etc. to be sent in reply.
Five to seven sentences.]
Yours [faithfully/sincerely/truly],
[Your written signature]
[Your name]
[OPTIONAL! P.S. = post script ]
[OPTIONAL! Enclosure: fan art, photo, etc.]