A letter to my idol

A letter to my idol
English writing assignment
In this assignment, you will have to write
a one (1) page letter to your idol.
Once the writing part is completed, you
will be asked to make a small oral
presentation, including a PowerPoint, to
present your idol (not your letter) to the
rest of the class
Make a list of reasons why you like this
celebrity. Include what they do in the
public light, such as their musical styling,
or a public service they perform. Avoid
superficial things like how good-looking
they are. Instead say something
meaningful, such as how savvy they are
with fashion or how they inspire you to
look your best
Step 1
Write an introductory paragraph that
shows who you are in two or three
sentences. Include your name and age
and how long you have followed their
work. Include that your intention for
writing is to show appreciation. Don't ask
for something right off the bat; this is no
way to flatter a person.
Step 2
Write a second paragraph in four or five
sentences explaining why their work is
meaningful to you. Think about what is
significant about their work that draws
you to them and use your list for
guidance. Include in some area of this
paragraph how they have affected you
positively. This shows you are a true fan
and know their work.
Step 3
Wrap up with a third paragraph of three to
four sentences. Celebrities get ton of fan
letters, so keep it to a page in length. This
will give it a better chance of being read.
Include gratitude for their work. This is
where you can slip in that you hope to get
a response or obtain an autograph. Asking
shows you want it, but that it isn't your
sole reason for writing.
Step 4
Sign the end of the letter with an
appropriate phrase such as "Sincerely
Your Fan," or "Thanks Again For Your
Inspiration." Avoid too-personal phrases
like "Love," or big proclamations like "Your
Number-One Fan," as these might be offputting and not seem genuine.
Step 5
Read over your rough draft for
grammatical errors. If you aren't a skilled
editor ask a friend who is good with the
written word to look it over. That person
can also give you some feedback on
anything you might want to add or omit.
Step 6
Write out your final draft in pen on
stationery in legible writing. An
unreadable letter will surely get tossed
aside. After your closing phrase at the
bottom you can opt to use your personal
signature, but write your name in clear
print below it with your contact
information so your celebrity can contact
you back.
Step 7
In 2011…
Carey Price
Carey Price
Daniel Sedin
Daniel Sedin
Joe Thornton
Sidney Crosby
Sidney Crosby
Email reply from Paula Findley
Thanks for the email! I’m not sure that I
received your email a few months back, I
would have definitely replied earlier, sorry
about that! Sometimes my email sends
messages to the junk folder if it doesn’t
recognize the address. Anyways, I’m glad
I got your message now!
 I’m honoured that you chose to write to
me for your school project. Sometimes I
don’t feel like I’ve been successful enough
to be seen as a role model, so it’s cool to
get messages like this.
How long have you been doing triathlons
for? I started when I was 16 years old, so
you certainly have a head start on me!
 The main thing that I’ve learned over the
past few years is to deal well with
setbacks, it won’t always be a smooth
road, but the hard times definitely make
you stronger. I’ve felt like giving up so
many times over the past few years as
I’ve struggled with injuries, but
remembering what it feels like to win is
what keeps me going.
It won’t be an easy road back to racing
for me, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be as
fast as I used to be, but I’m doing
absolutely everything I can to get there!
 Be awesome, love what you do and never
give up. Believe in yourself!
 Hope to run into you at a race one day!
Take care :)
Your presentation must include :
Facts about them: date of birth, when did
his career start, etc.
Why you admire that person
Example of what they do: Small video clip