Personal Narrative Concluding paragraph example

Personal Narrative Concluding paragraph example.
The first sentence should be a reworded repeat of the sentence you used in the intro
paragraph explaining what you learned.
Ex: Since that time I have become a more patient person and try to find a way to be kind
what ever the circumstances are.
The remaining sentences add to the specific values, or knowledge or lesson you learned.
You should also explain what type of person you were before this experience. A
complete concluding paragraph should be at least four sentences long. You should try to
shoot for five or six. The last sentence should repeat why the experience was important.
Ex: Before the accident it was more important for me to do the right thing and hold
others to that same standard. Now I still feel it’s important to do the right thing, but I put
more priority on trying to understand and be patient with myself and other people. I know
in the end it’s more important to be kind. I have noticed my relationships with people I
work with and my family are more enjoyable and less stressful. I certainly don’t ever
want to get in another car accident, but this one did have an affect on me that changed my
2nd Example
If I could I would take back being so mean to my friend. Even though she forgave me, I
had a hard time forgiving myself. We no longer spent time hanging out with each other.
She had her friends and I had mine. Even though many of our friends were in common
with each other things just changed after that. I learned just how important good friends
are. I had hurt someone who was a real quality person, and although she showed her true
goodness in being kind to me afterwards, things were never the same with us again.
Being mean to a friend isn’t worth it.