Topic Sentences for Letter to the Teacher

Topic Sentences for Letter to the Teacher
A topic sentence is the first sentence of a paragraph. Its
purpose is to let your reader know what the topic of the
paragraph is; it does NOT have any examples/supporting
evidence in it.
Possible examples might be:
Paragraph One
1. There are many interesting facts about my life.
2. In order to know me better, I will tell you some things
about me, my family, and things I like to do.
3. Since you do not know me, I would like to tell you a
few things about myself.
Paragraph Two
1. Language arts is/is not my favorite subject.
2. I like/dislike language arts.
3. Language arts and I don’t get along.
Paragraph Three
1. I have several goals for my life.
2. Setting goals for my life is not easy.
3. It’s important to set goals.