Example Demonstration Speech:

Example Demonstration Speech:
Using a Digital Camera
Attention Grabber: [Show some pictures I have taken] I bought my digital camera when
I was in college, and today my house is covered with pictures that I have taken.
Preview Statement: First you must gather your materials; them you must prepare your
subject; lastly, point and shoot!
I. Gather your materials
A. camera
B. memory card
C. a subject
Transition: Once you have all of your materials, you are ready to choose a subject
II. Prepare your subject
A. must stay still long enough to be photographed
B. should be worth taking a picture of—colorful, important to you
C. should be easy to get to
Transition: Now that you have your subject prepared, it’s time to take the picture
III. Point and shoot
A. check the settings on your camera
B. determine the best angle
C. hold down the button to focus and frame the picture
D. push the button until it shows your picture in the viewer
Statement of three main points: It’s that easy! You gather your materials, you prepare
your subject, and you point and shoot!
Conclusion: Once you have your picture on the computer you can crop and adjust it in
many different ways. Although the digital camera is best for taking lots of pictures, you
can use a regular 35mm camera. Just be prepared to spend a lot more money on
developing film!