Getting to know the Canon PowerShot A850

Getting to know the Canon PowerShot A560
You will have 2 days for this assignment
Go to
and click on the “Features” tab. Under the “Features” title is RED text that you can click on. Click on
the “New Easy Mode” text, and answer the following questions:
1) How many shooting modes are there?
2) Please explain what the following modes do:
Kids and Pets:
Night Snapshot:
Tips and project center > Learn > Camera Basics > Digital Camera Controls
3. What is a “picture element”?
4. If your camera is a 3 mega pixel camera what is the maximum size you could print? Why?
5. What is the difference between optical zoom?
Digital zoom?
Which is more important?
6. White Balance is extremely important.
What is it and how do you fix it?
7. What are the ten tips to better photography?
8. What is shutter speed?
9. What is ISO?
Print this and turn it in when you are done.
Now click on the “Product Tour” tab. This will bring up an image of the camera. We want to see the
camera from the top view, so click the “Images” tab, and then top view.
There is a dial on the top of the camera. Draw out the symbols on the scroll dial for each of the six
modes you explained above, and label them. You will then hand-draw out the top, back, and front view of
the camera. Get to know what the function is for each part.