Grade 1: Parts of a Plant

First Grade Science Lesson (Texas)
Parts of a Plant
Objectives: The students will observe and describe the parts of a plant.
(TEK 1.6B)
The students will verbally explain the function of each plant
part. (TEK 1.2B)
Materials: Book: Parts of a Plant by: Wiley Blevins
A flowering plant with soil cleaned off of the roots
White or manila paper
Document Camera
Small Pointer
Plant labels
Plant Labeling Flip Book
Instructional Activities:
1. The teacher will read Parts of a Plant - using the document
camera so all students may look at the photos, diagrams, and
text. The students will listen, question, and respond to the
text showing understanding of the function of each plant
2. The teacher will place a white or manila sheet of paper
under the document camera. The teacher will place the
flowering plant on the paper so all students may see the
parts of the plant. The teacher will point to a plant part and
ask the following questions:
a. What part of the plant am I pointing to?
b. What is the function of this part of the plant?
c. Call a student to place a label on that part of the plant.
The teacher will continue this process for each part of the
plant: Roots, Stem, Leaves, Flower
3. Assessment: The students will display understanding of
plant parts and the function of each by completing the plant
labeling activity. The teacher will leave the plant under the
document camera (making sure to remove the labels.) This
will give the students are “real” reference to go to if they are
having a difficult time. This will integrate writing into the
lesson. (See Attachment)