Wading into a River of Technology

Melisa Rutherford, LMS
Blytheville Intermediate School
Dr. Ray Clifford, 1983
So Now That I’ve Got It, What Do
I Do?
Whenever we something new
we should think in terms of
what it is going to replace and
how that will improve our
delivery. Don’t let new
technology overwhelm you.
Note Taking Delivery
Old School
New School
 Black Board
 White Board
 Chalk Board
 Smart Board/ Air Liner
What are some ways you can use
technology to improve note taking?
1. Create notes on the Smart Board, save them and then post on classroom
web page. No more excuses about not having the material.
2. Using Power Point to create lessons- handouts can be printed; power point
can be put on classroom web page…
3. Create links to resources on internet for use during lesson. Students can
access those sites at a later time from any computer.
Modeling/ Demonstration
Old School
 Opaque Projector
 Document Camera
 Overhead Projector
 Flip Camera
 Smart Board
Test Taking/ Progress Monitoring
Old School
 Oral exam
 Bubble Sheet/ Scantron
 Paper/pencil
 Student Response System
 Grade book
 Web based grade maintance
 Hand scoring
 Computer scoring/analysis
Communication to Parents
Old School
 Hand written letters
 Email
 Mimeograph
 Cell Phone
 Copy Machine
 Website
What are some ways you can
use technology to improve
1. Email
2. Create newsletters with publishing program such as Publisher. Looks
professional and can include graphics.
3. Classroom Web page- School based or create on own through Scholastic
or other resource.
4. Record those magic moments to share with parents on YouTube- just
remember to have secured permission before hand.
Old School
 Lecture
 Web casting/pod casting
 Movies/ Educational Media
 Web based video access via
 Repeative
Youtube, Teacher Tube,
United Streaming….
 Pre recorded
demonstrations/ digital
models via live recording,
educational websites, Smart
What are some ways you can
use technology to improve
lesson delivery?
1. Use Flip Camera or Document Camera to record a class
demonstration and then play back. (This can be an economical
method for science.)
2. Access video clips for internet resources such as Teacher Tube;
Discovery Streaming, History Channel; Britannica Online, etc.
3. Model using the document camera for up close real time instruction.
4. Allow students to model instruction using document camera.
5. Video Class projects
What you did before you can still do but now
with faster delivery and less preparation. The
benefits of today’s technology include: the
ease of retrieval for reteach/reinforcement;
currency of information. Remember that the
concepts we teach are the same as they always
have been but technology will continue to
change to make our delivery better.