Reading Strategies/Interventions

RTI Tools
Baseline Data Collection, Interventions &
Progress Monitoring
DRA data is an excellent assessment tool. It will
target the problem areas as they pertain to
reading (Baseline & Progress Data). Using the
DRA is the best starting point for a child who
exhibits problems as they pertain to reading.
QSI: Qualitative Spelling Inventory for
reading and spelling (baseline and progress
Success Maker Lab reports in the area of
weakness can be used to collect baseline data
and can be used for progress monitoring.
Dolch Words- can be used to determine baseline
as it pertains to word recognition. Download
Accelerated Reader data can be used to
determine comprehension level.
Chart Dog online – can be used to document
baseline or progress monitoring data on
frequency charts.
Aimsweb data
Strategies: for problem specific strategies, go to and click on
intervention ideas.
RTI strategy database:
***Reading Strategies/Interventions
 Interventions to improve reading comprehension.
 Strategies to help children who struggle with reading.
 GLRS: Alternative Strategies Manual is an online manual that consists of
alternative strategies for problem learners. Strategies for behavior, reading, math,
writing, etc.
 Interventions/strategies regarding CLICK ON TOPIC AND HOLD DOWN
Functional Behavioral
Social Skills Instruction
Fluency Instruction
Reading Recovery
Phonics Instruction
Graphic Organizers
High-Stakes Assessment
Reading Comprehension
Cooperative Learning
Phonological Awareness
Class-wide Peer Tutoring
Mnemonic Instruction
Formative Evaluation
Direct Instruction
Math Strategies/Interventions
 Curriculum-Based Assessment Math Computation Probe Generator
 Numberfly is a free application that allows educators to create Curriculum-Based
Measurement (CBM) progress monitoring probes of 3 types that assess students’
developing numeracy skills: Quantity Discrimination, Missing Number, and
Number Identification. This application also includes instructions for
administering and scoring these early math assessments, as well as suggestions for
using Early Math Fluency Probes in a school-wide RTI Universal Screening.
 A Plus Math Flashcard Creator
Design and print your own flashcards
 Dr. Math is an online math tutorial service maintained by Drexel University in
 This site presents several thinking strategies that can help students learn to master
math computation and applied math problems. It is sponsored by the Special
Education Department, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
 The math corner is dedicated to providing teachers with necessary tools to
enhance the teaching and learning of mathematics.
 The Math that Count website has strategies, activities, interventions, and math
 A list of intervention strategies and interventions.
 Moogie on the net offers Moogie on the Net is a totally free, elementary, middle,
and high school math intervention and remediation software designed to assist
teachers and their students with mathematics proficiency.
Behavior Interventions
 Behavior Doctor is a site that dedicated to providing proactive strategies and
solutions for behaviors that adults wish to target for change in either their
personal children or the students they teach.
 The teaching tools are intended to assist teachers in problem solving a plan to
support young children who are having challenging behavior.
 Dr. Tom McIntyre, a former Fulton County special education teacher, created this
website as a resource for teachers dealing with difficult behaviors.
 Intervention Central offers free tools and resources to help school staff and
parents to promote positive classroom behaviors and foster effective learning for
all children and youth.
 The purpose of this tool is to provide you with a resource for handling student
misbehavior. It presents a complete step-by-step approach to changing
inappropriate student behavior to appropriate behavior.
 Easy way to chart data.