Tier I Process
Step 1: Discuss student concerns at team meeting and document the concerns and
as a team. Discuss current programming and if the concerns are academic or
behavioral. Decide what changes/placement need to be made in the classroom.
Step 2: Begin filling out Intervention Record – Academic and/or Behavior
(Teacher Strategies in Virtual Counselor)
*Discuss possible interventions that can be done at the classroom level
*Decide on intervention and put intervention in place
*If you are having behavior issues you need to make sure you have documented the
Behavior plan in the classroom and that you are following the school behavior plan
*Start monitoring student’s progress by graphing data (Chartdog,com,
createagraph.com, Excel)
* If after four-six weeks, the intervention you have put in place does not improve the
student’s performance proceed to Step 3.
Step 3: Complete the CPS Referral.
Step 4: Conference with the parent about the concern. Tell the parent you are
putting interventions in place to help their child succeed in the area of ____(reading,
math, behavior). Tell parent their child will be part of the RTI (Response to
Intervention) process. In this process, the RTI team will be giving you, the teacher,
assistance on implementing interventions to help their child succeed and they will
be working with you to monitor the child’s progress. Please document that the
student will be placed in an intervention program related to the documented
weakness, ie., fluency, comprehension, decoding, math problem solving,
multiplication, etc. If you need a support staff member at the conference please
check with Mrs. Hillsamer to come to the conference.
*Fill out the Notification of Professional Support Services form and give to parent at
the conference
***Do not promise or discuss psychological testing with
the parent***RtI does not mean that a child will be tested.
Step 5: Begin filling out ELL multi-cultural form only if the student is a
Step 6: Determine which language interventions you need to put in place for the
student and begin tracking the classroom intervention. All student’s with academic
weaknesses must have language interventions.
Step 8: If you need assistance filling out the form please see Ms. Porter.
Step 7: Once you have completed Academic and/or Behavior CPS referral you will
be scheduled to attend a Child Study Meeting every Tuesday of the month.
*Until Tier 2 RTI Meeting is scheduled teacher many continue with Tier 1
interventions or meet with grade level team to discuss different interventions to
begin implementing.