Contract and Commercial Law (Unit U09062)

Contract and Commercial Law (Unit U09062) - Refer/Defer Assessment 2011
“The old rule [of caveat emptor] has been changed to the rule of caveat venditor: the change
has been rendered necessary by the conditions of modern commerce and trade.” Grant –vAustralian Knitting Mills (1936) AC 85, p98
To what extent do you agree with Lord Wright’s statement above? Discuss, with reference to
both sale of goods and consumer credit law.
As stated in the Unit Handbook, this assignment constitutes 100% of the assessment for this
unit and relates to learning outcomes 1-5.
Due Date: To be handed in to the Assessment Office no later than Friday 22 July 2011.
Remember to attach the appropriate frontsheet – these can be obtained from the Assessment
Word Limit: 3,000 words excluding footnotes and bibliography. The word count should be
stated on the university frontsheet. Failure to state a word count will result in a 5% penalty. A
falsely stated word-count will result in a mark of 0%. Note, that footnotes should be used to
reference sources only. Examiners are free to disregard footnotes that contain inappropriate
information or information that should belong in the main text. Coursework that is over 10%
under/over the word limit will result in a 10% penalty.
Referencing: Students must reference sources using the Oxford Standard for the Citation of
Legal Authorities (OSCOLA).
This can be found at Reference should be made to the primary source,
except when the primary source can no longer be obtained. Poor citation of sources will result
in a loss of marks.
Plagiarism: Students are reminded of the need to avoid plagiarism. The University Regulations
describe plagiarism as:
the incorporation by a student in work for assessment of material which is not their
own, in the sense that all or a substantial part of the work has been copied without any
adequate attempt at attribution, or has been incorporated as if it were the student’s
own when in fact it is wholly or substantially the work of another person or persons.
Any student suspected of plagiarising will be referred to the Head of Department and an
Academic Misconduct Hearing will be arranged. Students should ensure that all sources are
fully cited in footnotes and in the bibliography and that indentation or quotation marks (as
appropriate) are used when quoting. Students who fail to include a bibliography will be
penalised. If any student has a query about any of the above matters and wishes to obtain
clarification or further information please contact your Unit Lecturer or personal tutor