Baris Lou 491200667

Baris Lou 491200667
Dr. Doris Shih
Educational Research
Jan. 21, 2005
Using Your Library to Write a Research Paper 4
Before writing the research paper, we should first select and define a topic.
Secondly, we should find sources of information. Thirdly, we have to take notes and
organize our ideas. After all these three procedures, we can start to write a research
paper. There are several ways suggested to write a research paper. Primary it is
important to know how to begin writing a research paper with the first draft. I have
learned that actually writing the first draft is not that difficult as I imagined, because I
need not to worry about style and I can start in the middle of the paper. Just like
writing gibberish and having brainstorming in order to warm my mind up before
taking a real step to write the research paper. When I am writing it, I just have to
pretend to explain my paper to my friends. Plus, I can state my ideas in a single
sentence and elaborate it later on. These are certainly easier ways to develop the first
draft. Moreover, I have learned how to structure the first draft properly. First I have to
work from a simple outline, then to use the paragraphs as the basic structural units.
Finally, I have to combine several paragraphs to build up a main content.
The next step to write a research paper is to revise for content. There are three
ways to help me to revise for content. In the first place, I need to check the logic of
my arguments when I read the paper. For instance, I have to check whether all my
ideas are connected but not contradicted to each other. Then, I can check the strength
of assertion and later on I have to make sure each idea is supported by evidences.
The third step of writing a research paper is to revise for style. I should make
transition words between ideas obvious. Besides, I should show my ideas with
examples and quotations rather than just tell them, so showing my ideas is clearer
than telling my ideas. The last two steps are varying the length of my sentences and
Mechanics is the fourth step of writing a research paper. What I have to do is to
check the grammars, spellings, punctuations, etc. of my sentences. Afterward, the last
step is to create bibliography and footnotes for my research paper. Finally, I have also
learned some techniques of using footnotes and quoting ideas.
I find the most helpful information in the video is telling me how to use
footnotes appropriately. I was not skillful to use footnotes before so as now, but at
least I have learned a clearer idea of using a footnote in the video. Also, the structure
of the first draft can give a better suggestion when I am going to write the first draft of
a research paper. After all, the information of writing a research paper is extremely
clear and detail, and I think I can write up a beautiful research paper soon.