My main objective is to create a body of knowledge on the inclusion

Arms + Legs + Bosu
Biceps/Triceps Exercises
Seated bicep curl against inner knee – 3x10
Dumbbell Extension (kickback) – Bent over 45deg. One hand over front quad, other arm
parallel with torso. Triceps extend backwards.
Triceps Pull Down – with Machine 2x15
Dumbbell Preacher Curl – Standing behind bench at 75deg, arm over top of bench. Keep
back straight at 45deg with right hand on top of bench. Try hammer curl too. 3x10
Barbell Preacher Curl
Bird Dogs – Kneeling on all 4’s lift opposite arm/leg slowly. Switch limbs and repeat.
Stability Ball Biceps/Triceps Exercises
Dumbbell curl 3x10
Dumbbell wrist curl (extension and flexion) 3x10
Push-ups – Feet on ground, or ball, shins, quads and with Bosu Ball
Dips 3x10
Over head Triceps Extension – seated or lying down mid back under ball 3x10
Pushups – stomach over ball.
Leg Exercises
Wall sit-ups – 2x 10
Single Leg Squats – Arms straight out and one leg out in front at 45deg. 2x10
Dumbbell squats – 2x15
Dumbbell Step Up’s – 2x15
Barbell Deadlifts – 2x15
Barbell Calf Raises – 2x15
Dumbbell Calf Raises Dumbbell Lunges – 2x15
Flutter Kicks – Lying face down on a bench, hands holder upper bench, raise legs up and
down. 2x15
Stability Ball Leg Exercises
Hamstring Curl – Upper back on ground feet on ball, bring ball in and out
Ankle Flexion –Seated on ground and facing pole with ankle tied. Tilt toes towards body.
Wall Sit-ups – 2x15
Bosu Squat – Arms extended out in front
Bosu Sideways Lunges – One foot on ball - move from right to left switching feet 2x15