One-Arm Dumbbell Row (FW)

Fitness Weight Training
One-Arm Dumbbell Row (FW)
Major muscles trained: latissimus dorsi, rhomboids
Initial position
• Stand on the right side of a flat bench and kneel on the bench with
the left leg.
• Flex forward and position the left hand on the bench in front of the
left knee so that the arm and thigh are parallel to each other.
• Slightly flex the right knee and keep this position during the whole
• Reach down and pick up a dumbbell using a closed, neutral grip.
• Let the right arm and
dumbbell hang straight
Upward movement
• Pull up on the dumbbell
to lift it to touch the
right side of the torso.
• Brush the upper part
of the right arm against
the torso as you pull up
on the dumbbell.
• Be sure to keep the
wrists straight, not
curling the dumbbell
in the hands.
• Do not allow the rest of
the body to move.
Downward movement
• Allow the elbow to
extend to lower the
dumbbell back to the
initial position.
• Do not allow the rest of
the body to move.
• When you complete the
set, stand on the left
side of the bench and
repeat the movement
with the left arm.