Purchasing Card
Cardholder Agreement
NAME: _______________________________________________________________________
CARD #: ________________________________________ EXPIRATION DATE: ___________
MONTHLY LIMIT $__________________ SINGLE TRANSACTION LIMIT $ ________________
I acknowledge receipt of the WPI Purchasing Card listed above.
I acknowledge receipt of the Procurement Card Guide. I further acknowledge that I have read,
understand and agree to comply with all the terms and conditions for the use of my purchasing card as
provided by the Procurement Card Guide.
The Purchasing Card is provided to employees of WPI based on their need to purchase business
related goods and services. I understand the Purchasing Card is to be used only for business related
goods and services and have read and understand the University’s business expense policy and
travel policy as posted on the Controller’s Office website. If personal charges are made to the card,
I will reimburse the University within 14 days of incurring the charge and the P-Card Administrator
may revoke my card privileges. If I do not reimburse the University within 14 days, my card
privileges will be revoked.
When using the Purchasing Card for travel-related expenses, in addition to approving the charges
in Works, I am responsible for submitting an expense report for my travel to the Accounts Payable
office within 60 days of returning from travel. The expense report is to summarize the complete cost
of the trip including seminar fees, hotel, air, food, parking, tolls, etc. The expense report must be
completed even if no payment is due to me and I understand my card privileges may be revoked by
the P-Card Administrator should I fail to complete.
Foreign travel that will be charged to a research grant must be pre-approved by Research Accounting.
Prior to foreign travel, you must call the phone number on the back of the card. This is for fraud
The Purchasing Card is not an entitlement nor reflective of title or position.
The Purchasing Card is the property of WPI. I understand that WPI may revoke my right to use the
card at any time for reasons that may be considered in WPI’s best interest.
I am the only person entitled to use the card issued to me. Misuse, inappropriate, unauthorized or
fraudulent use of my card may result is disciplinary action, up to and including termination. I am
liable for any transactions from misuse and the money owed may be withheld from my pay.
10. I am responsible for supporting accounting allocations in the Works application, reconciling the
monthly Cardholder statement and resolving any discrepancies by contacting the supplier and Bank
of America, in a timely manner. I understand that transactions in Works are to be cleared within 7
days of the good and services being received and if a charge is in dispute, I will dispute in the Works
systems if not satisfactorily resolved within 45 days. I understand that my right to dispute expires in
60 days and I will be personally responsible to reimburse the University should a loss be incurred. I
am responsible for retaining all receipts and statements for seven years.
Purchasing Card
Cardholder Agreement
11. I agree to notify Bank of America (1-888-449-2273) and the P-Card Administrator immediately should
my card be lost or stolen or if I have knowledge of any lost or stolen WPI Purchasing Card.
12. I agree to surrender the card immediately upon request from my supervisor or the P-Card
13. I agree to surrender the card prior to leaving employment with WPI, whether due to retirement,
voluntary or involuntary separation. Should I give notice of my separation, the card is to be
surrendered two weeks prior to my last day of employment and I will clear all transactions in Works
in accordance with the Procurement Card Guide and this agreement prior to my departure. Upon
leaving employment with WPI, I understand I am liable to reimburse the University for any
unauthorized or prohibited transactions.
Cardholder signature
WPI P-Card Administrator signature
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